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Healing and Relaxation

Communication Beyond the Body and Mind

Intuitive, synchronistic and spiritual  insights are a way of connecting you with your higher or spiritual self. We call this the Transpersonal; that part of you which is beyond the ego self.  This will not only help you feel more connected with yourself, but also help gain insight into your energy, personality, creativity, current situation and potential future.  I believe, that by opening up to your own awareness you will access hidden insights which can help you move forward and feel more connected with yourself and other. 

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What a consultation involves…

We know that intuitive insights can provide a platform for meaningful synchronistic experiences, which can influence decision-making. I believe we cannot predict the future; a client has the freedom to choose, but I believe our future is structured in "future potentials," to which we may connect when psychic information is shared. I see myself as a facilitator, acting as a mirror, reflecting information back to you; information that you probably already know subconsciously or intuitively - you just don't realise it!


Information about your life and current situation may emerge during the consultation as can fears and anxieties and other issues that may be suppressed or on your mind. We work collaboratively in processing this information to help you contextualise, rationalise and understand the meaning behind it. We talk together about the information that comes up in the session and although you may not understand or place the information immediately, it is often the case that later on it comes to light. Through the process of extending awareness and  sharing information we may facilitate a continuing bond with loved ones who may have passed away. This process facilitates the continuation of the relationship and bond which is very healing.

My ability to connect with the emotional bonds and memories that you shared with your loved ones, as well as often demonstrate their unique personality traits that capture the essence of whom you know them to be, can provide very powerful validation.

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