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Healing and Relaxation

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Bacon & Associates 

I've always felt compelled to reconcile my osteopath training with my holistic and noetic understanding of my healing practise. With a non-materialist and interconnected worldview, I strive to integrate those treatments to provide my clients with a holistic and integral treatment. Osteopathy is physical therapy, but the body is more than that. Its physicality is only one aspect of what we perceive as the body. Recognising this gap, I provide my clients with a more holistic approach that incorporates this understanding and worldview into their treatment.


People are calling for a better understanding of how we can feel happier, more contented, and satisfied with therapeutic encounters. There are significant indicators: according to a CNN poll, 73% of adults believe praying for someone else can help cure their illness. Fifty percent of patients requested that physicians pray with them. This reveals something about what people are requesting.

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