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Spiritual Healing can help you in many ways. It is one of the oldest forms of traditional medicine.  Today there are thousands of healers brining about positive change in people's lives. I have worked  as healer for over 30 years and developed a unique way of healing to help bring about the changes you are looking for. Healing is concerned with helping you to connect to your spiritual self , the subconscious and your body, bringing about therapeutic integration of yourself. Where it is needed I  combine healing with gentle osteopathic manipulation. I have been a member of the Healing Trust for over 30 years and have seen thousands of patients with a wide range of conditions including, back problems, anxiety, depression stress, cancer, and many others..."


The healing session itself will involve me placing my hands over you body, sometimes not even touching you, and as you go into a deep relaxation you may experience intense heat from my hands or within your body. During the session you may drift into a state of deep relaxation where images and visions or insights may arise for you. 


Is Spiritual Healing for me?

People often come to me when they are in physical or emotional pain, distress or as a result of trauma. I will try to help you to access your own inner healing ability and awareness, giving you a new and positive perspective on your current situation and future. Healing forms part of an integrated approach to your health and wellbeing, and works well alongside conventional allopathic medicine. Healers of all types work with your energetic system and aim to balance and stimulate it to facilitate self healing. The body can heal itself and we are tapping into this power when we give healing. If you feel you would like to try healing and see me please contact me via the button below.


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