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Healing and Relaxation
Simon Bacon

Bio-Energetics for Health & Healing 

 How I can help you.

If you are struggling with a problem relating to physical illness, such as chronic pain, digestive problems, immune disorders or mental health problems like anxiety or depression, or you are going through relationship issues or struggling with a problem relating to work or just feeling out of balance or overwhelmed, then working with me using healing therapies can help.  


The healing is a type of Energetic Therapy of ten termed as Bio-Energentics and  aims to help you feel more connected to your body and yourself, helping to promote a strong feeling of wellness and vitality by working with energy. We are all complex charged energetic systems living in a charged energy filled world, and many traditional medical practices teach us that these energetic systems affect our health and wellbeing. 

I have been an Osteopath and Healer Member of the Healing Trust (HT) for over 30 years, graduating both as an Osteopath and Healer member of the HT at 22 years old.  I researched healing and spirituality in my MSc in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies at Northampton University as part of the Exceptional Experiences & Consciousness Studies ( EECS) group & I have been a tutor at the prestigious College of Psychic Studies and currently run a weekly meditation group at my practice in Essex. You can find out more in the about me section.

You can find out more about healing at the Healing Trust 


What a Consultation Involves


During a consultation I will take a detailed history of your problem or issue you want help with. We will discuss this and then move onto any necessary physical examination. This may involve testing various things, such as mobility, blood pressure, Energetic pattern, degrees of tension in your muscles, any medical examination tests such as orthopaedic or neurological testing. It is important to rule out physical causes of pain and dysfunction or to at least assess their impact on your wider problem.

I have developed a unique way of working; often combining healing therapy with physical medicine. I have been a member of the Healing Trust for over 30 years and have seen thousands of patients with a wide range of conditions including, back problems, anxiety, stress, cancer, and many others. 

Following this we can recommend a treatment strategy or recommendation.



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