Simon Bacon | Sculptor |



Exhibition at Hay Gallery

Currently Showing in the Hay Gallery, Colchester Institute, Sheepen Rd Campus, until Weds 15 May

Simon Bacon: Bronze Sculpture

Simon is a student on the MA Sculptural Practice at Colchester School of Art, based at The Minories Art Gallery. This exhibition explores emotive themes such as inner conflict, survival and transformation referenced through the human form and draws on Simon’s work as an Osteopath. — with Simon Bacon at Colchester Institute.

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Constantin Brancusi

“Matter must continue its natural life when modified by the hand of the sculptor.”

Constantin Brancusi
B.Feb 19th 1876-Hobita, Romania
D.March 16th 1957-Paris,France

Explaining that “The artist should know how to dig out the being that is within matter,” Brancusi sought to create sculptures that conveyed the true essence of his subjects, be they animals, people, or objects by concentrating on highly simplified forms free from ornamentation. While many regarded his art as abstract, the artist disagreed; he insisted on the representational nature of his works, asserting that they disclosed a fundamental, often concealed, reality.