Simon Bacon | Sculptor |



Masters at the Minories

Thank you to everyone who came to the show at the Minories. ┬áHere are a few snaps of the opening night….


Artists Statement

From being largely self-taught, but drawing upon over 20 years of osteopathic practice, and postgraduate research in Transpersonal Psychology, Simon intuitively manipulates the medium of clay producing figurative sculptures that are ultimately cast in bronze.

I am interested in the interconnection between the physical body and the manifestation of emotional, psychological and spiritual content. For me the surface of the sculpture symbolises the boundary between our inner and outer realities and is mindfully manipulated throughout the various stages of the making process. The element of chance at certain points in the process is embraced as a vital facet of making, as evident, for example, in the flashing becoming an expressive part of the finished work. I aim to express energy within the work, referenced partly through deliberately embracing the narrative traces of the making process.

Simon recently completed an MA in Sculptural Practice from Colchester School of Art.